CCCW VII Results 10-15-11

Thanks to all of the fans who came out to the show, and the amateur and professional fighters who put their hearts and souls on the line for the fans entertainment.

Healthy crowd on hand tonight for what is probably the best fight card we’ve ever had.  Excited for a big night of fights.  The crowd is ready to go, and we’re prepared to start our amateur card right at 6 (a little early – but necessary to fit in the 13 total fights we have scheduled for tonight).

Josh Cummings (2-0) vs John Mayfield (1-0)

I apologize to Josh, John and those who wanted to read about your bout.  I had to take care of some issues in the back room, and was unable to make it up for the first round of the first bout (and it was done after that first round, which I missed).  In lieu of a written description, we have the following pictures of this bout:

The doctor stopped the fight in between round 1 and 2.

Result:  Josh Cummings by TKO due to Referee stoppage before the start of Rd 2.


Ronnie Chapman (7-4) vs. Ben Chesser (2-0)

Ben Chesser comes out and and is bouncing all over the cage.

Ronnie Chapman seems a bit more reserved and calm.

Rd 1

Big 1-2 from Chesser.  Kick from Ronnie right to the groin of Chesser.

Ref stops the action, and they are back after 1 minute.

Kick by Chesser.  Ronnie is crowding him, but Chesser is trying to keep him at the end of his strikes.  Nice, hard leg kicks by Chesser, and Ronnie goes for the take down.

Ronnie has him up against the cage, and he eventually gets the take down.  He’s in the full guard of Chesser, who is working the Guiletine.

It’s pretty tight, but Ronnie’s defending it well – and he’s out.

Some GNP (Ground and Pound) from the top by Ronnie.  But, not much damage is done.  And, Ronnie is on top for the last part of the round.  Overall, I’d still give the round to Chesser based on being the aggressor the majority of the round and landing more strikes.

Rd 2

Another strong leg kick by Chesser, and Ronnie goes for the take down.  Chesser almost defended it, then Ronnie picks him up and slams him hard to the ground.  Not a lot of action, then Ronnie lands some shots from the top.

Now, Ben is landing some good blows from the bottom.  There’s a bit of a scramble and Ben is working his way up, but Ronnie is doing a good job of keeping him down.

Now, Ben gets on top.  He’s trying to trap an arm, but loses it.  He is, however, maintaining side control.  And, now he does have an arm trapped.  He’s looking at the ref trying to get the fight stopped, but the shots aren’t that hard and Ronnie is still defending himself. The round finishes with Ben on top.  Close round, but I’d give that one to Chesser as well.

Rd 3

Going into the third round and there’s some nice appreciation from the crowd.  These guys are putting on a WAR.

Ronnie comes out the aggressor.  Now Benji answers with some combos of his own.  Ronnie goes for the single, and doesn’t’ get it.  Then, he Ronnie gets another big slam.  But , Benji has got him in another guilletine.

He’s hanging on to it, but Ronnie has his hips up to defend it and keep the pressure off of his neck.

Benji uses the headlock to roll up on top and get back to his feet.  Nice technique!

Now Ronnie comes in firing with punches and kicks.  Ronnie is definitely fighting with a sense of urgency, and he goes in and picks him up again – then slams him Matt Hughes Style.

Now Ronnie is on top, and he’s raining down some blows from the top. Benji is trying to work out of it, but Ronnie does a good job of staying on the top.  And, the round ends with Ronnie on top.  Ronnie landed more in the stand up that round and controlled the fight on the ground.  I’d give that round to Ronnie.

Result:  Ben Chesser wins by Split Decision


Quin Corbett vs. Jimmy Cresswell

Rd 1

Corbett is the aggressor, but then Cresswell shoots in and pushes him up against the cage.  Jimmy is working the take down, but they are pretty much stalled on the cage.  Now, Quin has Jimmy up against the cage.  Both fighters are working to throw some knees.

Not a lot of action in that round.  In the last 15 seconds, Corbett threw some punches as they finally separated.  That round was too close to call.  Could be a 10-10 round.

Rd 2

Quin opens with a front kick to the face which misses, then lands a leg kick.  Cresswell goes for a single leg, and gets the take down.  Quin is trying to use the fence to get back up.

Jimmy has his back now, but they are standing.  Quin is warned for grabbing the fence.

Corbett now works his way back around so that Cresswell no longer has his back.  Cresswell lands some knees, and then a couple of good knees from Quin.

They separate, and punches are thrown.  Cresswell lands a big right hand, then goes for the take down.

As Jimmy gets the take down, it looks like Quin twisted his knee at a bad angle as he went down.  Quin yells out “Ah, my knee” and the referee stops the fight based on a verbal tapout.

It looks like a good stoppage as he would not have been able to continue.

Result:  Jimmy Cresswell wins by verbal tapout due to a knee injury


Fred Marx (4-3) vs. Scott Ettling (6-1)

Nice reception for both fighters, especially Scott Ettling.  This fight was originally scheduled to be a title fight for the 145lb CCCW amateur belt, but Fred Marx did not make weight.  So, the title is not on the line tonight.  Fred Marx does look like the larger fighter too.

Rd 1

Kick to the body by Ettling.  Both fighters throw some blows which don’t quite land.

Fred lunges in with a punch and misses, and Ettling makes him pay with a counter punch.  Then Fred takes him down.  Ettling is trying to work his way back up to his feet, and he does.

Ettling has a guiletine choke on him, and he tries to sink it in while they are both standing – wrapping Marx into his guard.  Marx dorps him down to the ground, and Scott keeps trying to hang onto it.  But, then Marx gets out.

Now Scott gets on top.  There is some scrambling.  Ettling has Marx in a head lock, and lands a knee to the body.  Marx tries to take him down, Ettling reverses, and now Marx does get the take down.

Nice round!  I’d give that round to Ettling.  He landed more strikes, and cleaner strikes, and had a few submission attempts.  But, Marx was certainly competitive.

Rd 2

Both fighters are circling.  Leg kick from Ettling.  A weak jab from Ettling, and Marx makes him pay with a hard right hand counter!

Ettling goes for the single leg take down, and eventually he gets it.  He tries to mount, but doesn’t.  Marx has him in half guard, and then sweeps and gets on top.

Now Ettling sweeps Marx.  This is a close round.  Ettling is on top and raining down some blows.  Marx is trying to keep him off with is feet, and then Ettling lands in side control.  He’s going for the mount and Marx is turning.  Now Ettling has his back, but he’s high.  He might get bucked off.

But, he keeps his balance and lands a number of blows to the side of the head from behind.  Then, Marx is saved by the bell.  Another round for Ettling in my opinion.

Rd 3

Leg kick by Scott and Marx looks to counter again with the big right hand.  Neither quite lands.  Both fighters circling, and Marx throws two big haymakers.  Ettling ducks underneath and goes for the take down.  He gets it, and is in Marx half guard.

Marx starts working for a triangle choke, but Scott moves into side conrol.  Now Marx gets him back into half guard, and then Marx reverses and gets on top.

The round ends with Marx up on top.  That round might go to Marx, but it was close.

Result:  Scott Ettling by Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Dustin Lash vs. Tony Zucca

Big rematch tonight as Dustin Lash, who gave Zucca his only loss, takes on Tony Zucca for the CCCW 185 amateur belt.  Big reception for Zucca, who walks out with his belt and fellow training partners Dustin Jacoby and Brian Foster, as well as coach Rick Drago.

Rd 1

Zucca come right out and throws a punch to the face.  Lash landes a hard counter, and Zucca ties up.  They are in the clinch, and then Lash lands a hard knee to the groin.

Zucca is in significant pain, and the ref stops the action.  Zucca might need the whole 5 minutes here.  That was as gruesome of a reaction to groin shot as you will ever see.  Zucca is literally writhing in pain.  Hopefully he’s OK.

After just 2 minutes, Zucca is ready (he could have taken up to 5 minutes).  Now Lash is the aggressor.  Lash lands a hard right hand, and he drops Zucca.  Zucca gets back up, and now they are trading blows.  Holy shit.  Both fighters are swinging hard leather.  Looks like Lash is getting the better of it.

Lash is using his height well, but Zucca has a lot of fight left in him.  Now Zucca lands some hard blows.  Then, Zucca grabs Lash’s neck, and Lash goes down to his knees.  Dustin may have been really hurt by one of those punches.  Zucca transitions to his back.  Lash rolls around from his stomach to be on his back, and now Tony is in the mount.

Zucca is raining down punches, and Lash is trying to buck him off.  But, Zucca is keeping his balance and maintaining a steady stream of strikes from the top.  This fight might get stopped, and it is.

WOW! Big come back win for Tony Zucca!

Result:  Tony Zucca by TKO in Rd 1 to retain the CCCW 185 Amateur Title

Now beginning the professional portion of our card.


Jason Mills (228) vs Eddie Smith (225)

Eddie Smith comes out to Johnny Cash with Coaches Marc Fiore and Rick Drago.  Eddie is clearly the hometown favorite as Mills has traveled in fromWisconsin(and actually took this fight on short notice).

Rd 1

Both fighters looking for their range, and then Eddie gets a take down.  Jason is on his back, but Eddie is not letting him up.  Now he comes back in, and works to posture up.  Mills seems to be looking for a submission – moving his hips up.  But, he’s taking some punishment from Smith who is landing a lot of shots and doing some damage.  Mills is bleeding, and not able to effectively stop Smith from landing shots.

Now Eddie has his back, but Mills gets back up and Eddie has him up against the cage.  They switch positions and Mills has Eddie up against the cage.  And, now Eddie gets another take down.  But, this time he lands in the full guard of Mills.  Mills is trying to land some shots off of his back, but nothing with much force.  Eddie lands some shots to the body from the guard of Mills.

And, the round ends with Ed Smith on top in Mills guard.  I’d definitely give that round to Eddie Smith.

Rd 2

Mills throws a kick, and Eddie catches it and goes for the take down.  And, he gets it, but lands in Mills guard after a small scramble.

Mills is doing a decent job of trying to stop Eddie attack from the top, but Eddie is definitely controlling this fight.  He’s landing a lot of small hammer fists to the face of Jason Mills, which is very red.

Eddie is now transitioning to the back, and landing some harder shots now.  I’m not sure how much of this Mills can take.

Jason is working to get back up, but Smith won’t let him.

Now, Eddie has him in the mount.  Mills is trying to hold him close, but he’s in serious trouble.  And, the referee stops the fight.  Dominate win for Eddie Smith.

Result:  Eddie Smith via TKO in Rd 2


Quinton McCottrell vs Darren Jacoby

Quinton comes out with some type of mask over his face.  Darren Jacoby is the crowd favorite here and has a loud reception as he walks out with his brother, Dustin Jacoby, fellow training partner Brandon Wood, and coaches Marc Fiore & Rick Drago.

Rd 1

Leg kick by Darren.  Few punches from Darren which do not find the mark.  Quinton throws a punch, and a nice counter by Jacoby.  Leg kick by Jacoby and Quinton catches it.  Now, they clinch up against the cage.  Quinton is working for the take down.

McCottrell starts to get Darren down, and then Jacoby comes back up.  Now, he’s landing some strikes against the cage.  A BIG left hand lands from Jacoby and Quinton falls flat!  Looked like Quinton might have been out, but he sprang back up quickly once he hit the ground – getting back to his feet before Darren could get on top of him..

Quinton is back up, but he must be hurt.  Quinton works the take down, but a nice sprawl from Jacoby.  Now Darren is working to get his back and landing some small shots from behind.

They work back up to their feet, and now McCottrell has Darren up against the cage.

Darren lands some small shots, but then McCottrell picks him up and takes him down.

Daren is working back up, but now McCottrell gets his back, but he’s high.  Quiton is doing a good job of hanging on, though.  And, it appears his sinking in the rear naked choke.

Jacoby could be in trouble.  And, Quinton has that in tight.  Now, Jacoby is tapping.  Darren had him hurt, but a big come back win for Quinton McCottrell.

Result:  Quinton McCottrell via submission (rear naked choke)


Nic Anderson vs Jake Bell

Nic comes out first and is jumping around the cage.  Big reception for Jake Bell, who has aLOTof fans in the house.

Rd 1

Leg kick by bell.  And, Nic gets the take down and lands in the guard ofBell.

Nic is keeping the top position, althoughBellis trying work his way out.  Now Nic lands in side control, but he hasn’t been able to do much damage yet.  There is a little bit of blood, which appears to be coming from a small cut onAnderson.

Nic is controlling this round as Jake is unable to get up.  Nic is attempting to trap an arm, and now Jake reverses (much to the pleasure of the crowd).

There’s a scramble, and now Jake is in the full mount, but Nic is able to sweep him and get back on top.  Nic is posturing up, but hasn’t landed anything significant from the top yet. He is, however, controlling the round.

As the round ends, Jake begins working an arm triangle choke, but Nic gives the thumbs up to show he’s OK.  I’d give that round to Nic.

Rd 2

They exchange some punches, and then it goes to the ground.  Jake was on top, but Nic quickly reverses and takes the top position.  Nic is landing some short elbows from the top.

Jake works for an arm bar from the bottom, and Nic lifts him up off the ground and then gets out of it.  Jake is moving his hips up again and trying to work a submission, but Nic isn’t letting him have anything.  Jake is able to keep Nic from doing much damage from the top by holding him close, and they get stood up.

Superman punch from Jake misses the mark, but Jake gets Nic up against the cage.  Now Nic has Jake against the cage.  Wild swing by Nic misses, and they are both looking to exchange.

A couple of kicks by Jake.  They clinch up, and Jake throws an uppercut which doesn’t quite land clean.  Nic returns some fire, and they go back to the ground.  But, Jake is on top this time.  The round ends with Jake on top.  That was a close round and tough to call.  The winner of the 3rd round might take it (if there’s not a finish).

Rd 3

Jake come in with a punch, but Nic wraps him up and pins him against the cage.  Some knees now from Nic, but Jake gets him off balance and takes him down to the ground withBelllanding in the top position.  He has a mount, but Nic is on his side.  Jake’s corner is calling for elbows.

There’s a scramble, and they get back to their feet.  They exchange some strikes, butBelllooks really tired and Nic seems to have a little more left.  But, now Jake gets a hold of his back and gets a strong take down – landing in side control.  Now, Jake is in the full mount. Now, he has Nic’s back with over 2 minutes left in the round.

And, he sinks in the rear naked choke.  Big submission win for Jake Bell.  I would say a decision could have gone either way.  Big victory for Jake Bell!

Result:  Jake Bell via Submission (rear naked choke) in Rd 3

And the crowd goes nuts!


Wade Choate vs. Justin Robbins

Wade comes out and looks ready.  Justin Robbins comes out to some club music, and the crowd is getting pretty rowdy.  Choate has a bit of a size advantage over Robbins, but it sounds like Justin has the crowd on his side.

Rd 1

Choate comes out in southpaw stance and is the aggressor.  Leg kick by Justin, answer by Choate.  Couple right hands by Justin miss the mark.  2-3 combo by Justin a little off the mark.  Both fighters looking to find their range.

Left hook lands from Choate, but not real hard.  Big swing by Justin misses.

Both fighters exchange leg kicks.  Justin lands a right hand.

Hard right to the body by Justin, and both fighter are starting to find their distance.  Chaote land s a jab.  Leg kick lands for Justin.

Nice 1-2-3 combination from Choate, but they are all essentially blocked by Justin.

High kick from Justin is blocked.  Choate shoots, which is stuffed – and Justin almost lands a BIG uppercut (which gets a reaction from the crowd).

Then, Choate lands a nice punch which knocks Robbins back, but he quickly gets up and waives on Choate to tell him he wants more as the round ends.  That was a close round and tough to call.

Rd 2

Justin is working his jab, but not landing.  Now Choate throwing the jab, which Dustin is ducking under and stepping to the side.  Now, he’s ducking and trying to land a counter.  But, hasn’t quite found the mark with those yet.

Choate lands a jab.  Leg kick by just as Choate lands another jab.

They go to the ground, and then Justin lets him get back up.

Justin ducks in for a take down and he gets it.  But, on the ground Choate quickly sinks in a guillotine choke and it is deep.  Robbins taps and it’s over.  That was an impressive performance for Wade Choate.  It was pretty even on the fight, but then he got the submission win over a good BJJ practitioner.

Result:  Wade Choate wins via Submission (guilletine) in Rd 2


Brian Geraghty vs Chris Tickle

Brian Geraghty is an alum from UFC’s TUF reality show.  Chris “Bad Boy” Tickle is being walked out by Cortez “Hollywood” Coleman as well as coaches Marc Fiore and Rick Drago.  Both fighters look very relaxed.

Rd 1

Hard leg kick by Tickle, and another and a third.  Brian catches this one and tries to take him down.  Geraghty goes for another take down, but it’s stuffed by Tickle.

Two more hard leg kicks by Tickle.  These kicks are fierce!

Geraghty comes in with some punches.  Tickle is looking relaxed in the cage and is throwing HARD strikes.

1-2 by Tickle, but Geraghty goes underneath and gets the take down.

Geraghty is on top and throwing some short shots, but Chris is also throwing some elbows from the bottom.

Chris is tyring to use the butterfly guard to push Brian off and get up, but Geraghty maintains his top position.

The round ends with Brian on top.  I would still give the round to Tickle based on landing more strikes and generally being the aggressor.

Rd 2

They are circling.  Jab by Tickle and a counter by Brian.  Niethe rreally lands cleanly.

Tickle is putting his hands out an dtring to draw Brian in.

Another nice leg kick by Tickle.  Jab find a home for Brian.

Jab knocks Brian off blanace.  Another hard leg kick by Chris.

Both fighter are exchaning punches – typically one at a time right now.  Sinlutanesouly landing some jabs.

Chris is wading in and looking to engage, and Brian is obliging him.  Now, Brian goes for the take down and gets it.

Chris is able to take the top position, and he’s doing some damage from Brian’s guard.  Body-body-head type blows.

And, the round ends with Chris Tickle on top.  That round was close as well.  I’d give that round to Tickle, but it could have gone either way.

Rd 3

Both fighters come out exchanging strikes.  This is an exciting fight.

Tickles goes in for  atake down, but Brian stuff it.  Tickle is landing some jabs, but Brian keeps coming forward dna dis landing some strikes of his own.  This is a very evenly matched fights.

Now Brian goes in for the take down and he gets it.  He’s in the half guard of tickle.  Brian moves to side control, and then Tickle scrambles and gets out.

They get to their feet, and then Brian goes for another take down right away.  But, then Tickle gets his back.  He’s working for a rear naked choke, but Brian is defending well.  30 seconds lef in the fight.  Tickle is dominating from this position, but can’t quite sink the choke.

I’d definitely give that round to Tickle.
Result:  Chris “Bad Boy” Tickle wins via unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Cody Griffin vs Bobby “Zombie” Brents

Cody Griffin walks out to “I  will Survive” which I believe is by Gloria Gainger.  I laughed, but it was the oddest walkout song I’ve ever heard.  Conversely, Bobby Brents walks out to a hard core rap song which is being sung live by an impressive duo.  I thought it was a recording, but then relized these guys were wrapping on a microphone.  It sounds awesome, and the crowd is going NUTS!

Rd 1

Brents come out the aggressor.  Kick by Griffin is caught and Bobby is on top of him.  He has an arm trapped and is dropping some heavy strikes to the body.

Now some short elbows from Bobby out of Griffin’s half guard.  Brents came out and just started dominating this fight!

Cody is looking to scrambe to his feet, and almost gives up his back.  Now, Griffin is up and has his back against the cage.  But, he has to eat a couple of knees from Brents to get there.

They separate and are circling  Brents gets him back up against he cage and lands some short blows.

I’d definitely give that round to Bobby Brents.

Rd 2

Bobby take sth ecetner of the cage.  Quick bombo by Cody.  Brents gets up in against the cage and lands a nice knee, but Cody counters with a hard hook.  Bobby gets a leg and bring it up high, and then gets the take down.

Bobby is up on top inside Cody’s half guard.  Short elbows from Brents from the top.  Now Cody turns nad Boby has his back.  Brents works for a side choke, but Cody works his way out and gets to his feet where Brents still has him pinned against the cage.

They are up aginst the cage for a while, and the ref separtes them.  Brents slowly wades in and then throws a right hand which leads to him pinning Cody against the cage.  Some more knees from Brents.

There’s some blood on the nose of Brents, but nothing too major.  And, the round ends with Brents pinning Cody up against the cage and nullifying him.

I’d definitely give that round to Brents as well.

Rd 3

Some leg kicks from Cody as he moves away from Brents.  A nice combo from Cody and second strike find a home.  Then a nice leg kick from Brents.

Cody rushes in with some strikes, but they don’t land and Brents ties him up against the cage.

They separate, and Bobby lands some more leg kick.  High kick from Griffin, but it misses and he slips.  Bobby jumps on top and is dropping down some strikes.  He’s maintaining a dominate position and throwing punishing shots from the top as the round ends.

Result:  Unanimous Decision for Bobby Brents (30-27 on all score cards)

And, now for our Main Event….

LaVerne Clark vs. Brian Foster

LaVerne Clark walks out with a large entourage.

Brian Foster is taking off his gear as he is walking to the cage.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen anyone more anxious to fight.

Rd 1

Big swing by LaVerne is off the mark.  They are in the clinch and Foser lands some knees.    They are scambling – Foster used an arm hold to reverse.  Now LaVerne is on top.  But Foster scrambles out of a bad position.

Some more scrambling with strikes.

Now Foster is sinking a guillotine, but LaVerne pops out.

Now LaVerne is on top, but he’s not doing any  damage.  Foster is holding him close, and now looking to work his way up along the cage.  Brian starts working for a kimora.

And, now he’s turning it into an arm bar, but LaVerne is defending.   But, Foster has him turned around and he’s hanging on to that arm.  And, there’s the tap.

A very impressive win for Brian Foster!  That was hard to really explain well, because the transitions were all happening so fast.  But, Foster really showed off his grappling tonight.  I honestly didn’t realize how skilled he was on the ground (although we got a glimpse of it when he slapped that quick guillotine on Matt Brown – and he did when his last fight by submission as well.

Result:  Submission victory (arm bar) for Brian Foster at 2:31 of Rd 1

A big win for Brian Foster who makes it 4 straight.  After the fight, when given the opportunity to speak on the microphone, Foster thanked LaVerne Clark for taking the fight – stating, “Not a lot of people would be willing to fight me right now.  And, I respect that.”  Additionally, he announced, “I just want my spot back.  And, I’ll fight anybody to get it,” clearly referring to his spot in the UFC where he was coming off of 2 straight wins before being medically released.


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  1. Hey capitol city Wade Choate dominated your boy i dont know what fight you were watching. Wade dominated with his jab and dropped your boy at the end of round one. Robbins didnt like getting hit so he tried to shoot and got choked terrible article made your fighter look good on paper,but he was dominated. He didnt do anything to Wade.

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